Bridging the Memorial Park Divide — $70 Million Project Removes Trees, But Brings Houston’s Showcase Green Space Together | By Shelby Hodge Reshaping the Park to Provide Vital Pedestrian and Ecological Benefits For the runners overheard cursing the workmen bulldozing trees in Memorial Park, for the woman seen crying as she watched the towering oaks and pines leveled, and for all others decrying the changing landscape, Memorial Park Conservancy assures that the

3 Things to Know about Memorial Park’s Land Bridge Project | By Gwendolyn Knapp FRESH OFF THE DEBUT OF THE INCREDIBLE NEW EASTERN GLADES—seriously, you need to make the trek right now; it’s like a brand new park—The Memorial Park Conservancy is now embarking on its most epic undertaking yet, the construction of its highly anticipated $70 million Land Bridge and Prairie project, which is one of

Work begins on Memorial Park’s land bridge project | By Matt Dulin Construction will soon be underway on Memorial Park’s 100-acre, $70 million land bridge across Memorial Drive, which will tie together the north and south sections of the park, bolster the area’s native prairies and expand its trail network, the Memorial Park Conservancy announced Aug. 10. The project also includes a

Memorial Park breaks ground on stunning and sprawling new land bridge | By Steven Devadanam Last week, Memorial Park made headlines when it triumphantly opened its lush and verdant Eastern Glades. The 100-acre destination transformed largely inaccessible green space into a destination offering up picnic areas, native wetlands, a savanna, a pine-hardwood forest, green spaces, and miles of accessible trails. Now, the Memorial Park Conservancy has announced that

‘An audacious idea’: Construction begins on Memorial Park land bridge | By Molly Glentzer Houston’s growing reputation as one of America’s leading “green” cities will gain more traction this week, when construction begins on the much-anticipated land bridge across Memorial Drive. The sexiest element of the Memorial Park master plan adopted by City Council in 2015, the land bridge is one of several projects

Memorial Park 100-acre Eastern Glades expansion now open to the public | By Emma Whalen The final phase of Memorial Park’s new Eastern Glades section opened during the last week of July. The 100-acre-plus section of the park was previously unused and now extends to a series of trails and boardwalks and picnic areas as well as added bathrooms and parking. “It’s going to be

Memorial Park opens lush, game-changing new Eastern Glades to the public | By Steven Devadanam Houston’s beloved Memorial Park is in the midst of a renaissance. In 2018, the Kinder Foundation injected the city’s premier green space with a $70 million catalyst gift aimed to accelerate the delivery of 10 years’ worth of Master Plan projects. Now, one such game-changing master plan project has come

Memorial Park’s new Eastern Glades puts visitors in awe | By Molly Glentzer Houstonians venturing into Memorial Park’s new Eastern Glades addition for the first time on Thursday morning found an impressive place for contemplation. Above the mist rising from the lawn at Memorial Park’s new Eastern Glades Thursday morning, hawks called from the trees. Songbirds chirped and insects buzzed around Hines Lake,

Memorial Park unveils the highly anticipated, 100-acre Glades project | By Molly Glentzer The heart of Memorial Park’s new Clay Family Eastern Glades resembles a diamond ring in aerial views, with a tip of sparkling water atop its oval promenade. Indeed, a gem has been carved from 100 acres of rough. Construction fences around a southeastern pocket of the nearly 1,500-acre green space

Memorial Park’s Massive Transformation Begins With Opening of $35 Million Gem — When a Forest Morphs Into a Wonderland | By Shelby Hodge The Eye Candy of a Mega Lake, 100 Previously Unaccessible Acres and More Await The official opening on Wednesday of the $35 million Clay Family Eastern Glades in Memorial Park met with little fanfare due to COVID-19. But the lack of overt celebration did nothing to diminish the glory of

Park projects provide opportunities for future recreation | By Betsy Denson There are a number of improvements underway in the City of Houston’s parks, nature preserves and green spaces. And while March’s stay-at-home order has affected many, the fact that construction was deemed an essential business has allowed these improvement projects to continue. The question now is when the public will

Memorial Park Remains Open; Support Services are Reduced

Nature and recreation are important components during a public health crisis, and Memorial Park remains open for visitors. However, as a public health precaution related to the constantly evolving situation regarding the coronavirus, Memorial Park Conservancy will postpone permitted events and reduce onsite maintenance services effective today, March 16, to protect the health of our staff

A Memorial Park Makeover: Houston is Working to Improve one of the Nation’s Largest Urban Parks | By Heather Brand The Memorial Park Conservancy is leading the 10-year, $200 million project, which is designed to bolster the park’s natural offerings and increase connectivity. Houston has never been a place to rest on its laurels. And now the city is channeling its self-improvement impulse to Memorial Park, a 1,500-acre green space

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Memorial Park Conservancy plans to deliver its first project of its master plan redevelopment next year | By Natalie Harms Memorial Park Conservancy is gearing up to unveil one if its first projects within its 10-year master plan redevelopment. Memorial Park Conservancy has until 2028 to deliver on its master plan redevelopment project, but if MPC president and CEO Shellye Arnold has anything to say about it, the plan will

What to expect on the new walking path in Houston’s Memorial Park

Before dawn, the thick rubber treads of our Nikes and New Balances made a measured, steady tick-tock with each step along the crushed granite path of Memorial Park’s Seymour Lieberman Trail. No one dilly-dallies at this time of day, when the ritual of exercise is more about anticipation than relaxation, with hours of meetings and deadlines ahead.

A New Stretch of Running Trail Is a Pleasant Surprise at Memorial Park

Like most runners who frequent the 2.93-mile crushed granite running loop, better known as the Seymour Lieberman Trail, at Memorial Park every week, I was surprised to find the path blocked off by large a green fence and Do Not Enter signage last night at the beginning of an easy six-miler.

The standing dead: ‘Zombie Trees’ line city

A leaf-peeper driving through Houston might think fall is around the corner, looking at the changing canopies of bald cypresses, maples, elms, certain oaks and sycamores across the landscape.A leaf-peeper driving through Houston might think fall is around the corner, looking at the changing canopies of bald cypresses, maples, elms, certain oaks and sycamores across the landscape.

Memorial Park accelerates visionary plan with $70 million gift from Kinder Foundation

Kinder Foundation is offering a grant of $70 million to fast-track Memorial Park’s Master Plan, one of the nation’s largest and most visionary urban park restorations, led by Memorial Park Conservancy (MPC), Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD), and the Uptown Development Authority (UDA).