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Memorial Park Conservancy is committed to restoring, preserving, and enhancing Memorial Park, the signature urban park of Houston. The staff is a diverse team of gifted people with a wide range of talents and interests, both professionally and personally. We work together to create an environment where people are valued, treat each other with respect, understand the Conservancy’s strategic direction, and are motivated to come in and give their very best every day. Memorial Park Conservancy is thrilled to have been named one of “Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in 2019.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Grounds Technician

Job Summary: The Grounds Technician is responsible for Memorial Park maintenance, repairs and sanitation efforts at the direction of The Turf Care Supervisor. The Grounds Technician performs year-round care and maintenance of the Park’s landscape and grounds. The Grounds Technician will work interactively with The Turf Care Supervisor, Grounds Crew Leader, and Grounds Foreman as

Native Horticulture Technician

Job Summary: Responsible for all aspects of horticulture care within assigned native landscapes in Memorial Park, as directed by the Landscape Manager and Horticulture Supervisor. The Native Horticulture Technician will work collaboratively with team members across all departments to ensure the proper care and proactive management of Memorial Park and reports to an assigned Crew

Conservation Technician

Job Summary: Responsible for maintaining native forested and riparian habitats, as directed by the Conservation Forestry Manager and Conservation Director. Coordinate with Conservation team members, other departments, and volunteers to maintain sustainable ecosystems. Specific duties include: Maintaining native forest/riparian areas and specimen trees in a professional manner through planting, invasive removal, herbicide treatment, thinning, monitoring,

Greenhouse Coordinator

Job Summary: Responsible for improvements and maintenance of Memorial Park Conservancy’s Greenhouse and Native Plan Grow Out Area, as directed by the Conservation Director. Work with Conservation Director to coordinate the Native Plant Grow Out Program, which allows partners to utilize facilities to propagate native plants.  Coordinate with other Conservancy departments to ensure appropriate inventory.

Memorial Park Conservancy is an equal opportunity employer.