Work begins on Memorial Park’s land bridge project

Work begins on Memorial Park’s land bridge project | By Matt Dulin

Construction will soon be underway on Memorial Park’s 100-acre, $70 million land bridge across Memorial Drive, which will tie together the north and south sections of the park, bolster the area’s native prairies and expand its trail network, the Memorial Park Conservancy announced Aug. 10. The project also includes a 45-acre prairie restoration.

“This new parkland will symbolize the triumph of ‘green over gray,’ healing the divide created by Memorial Drive half a century ago,” said Shellye Arnold, president and CEO of Memorial Park Conservancy, in a news release. “We are confident that together, the land bridge and prairie project will further distinguish both Memorial Park and Houston, serving as an icon for a greener and more resilient future.”

The conservancy also said the project will have area drainage benefits by offering detention and a stream channel through the site to act as a “green sponge, helping to absorb and clean stormwater,” according to the news release.

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